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  • Field: Blockchain, Genetics, Digitization, Personal Health

  • DNAtix focuses on block chain technology for digitized genome sequences to help predict genetic risks and prevent disease.

  • DNAtix has a developed proof of concept with a working portal that can analyze digitized genome sequences and run tests on it.

  • DNAtix is incorporating Blockchain technologies into the Genetic field in order to bring new possibilities and keep data secure and private.

  • DNAtix leadership team consists of highly trained and experienced  people.



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  • Field: Natural food supplements, Health, Wellness

  • BioHarvest is an Israeli biotechnology company with a mission to develop innovative ingredients that can help people actively take charge of their wellness. 

  • BioHarvest leverages science to harness the power of nature and create a new category of super- foods, called "bio-foods," capable of enhancing people's health and overall wellness.  To date

  • BioHarvest is the world's first commercial entity to solve the major challenges required to produce bio foods at an industrial scale and harvest these healthy ingredients from nature while maintaining their original chemical structure consistently throughout production.  This platform technology is protected by US patents.



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  • Field: Wearables, Personal Health, Wellness

  • The CardiacSense watch is a clinically-proven medical solution that delivers reliable cardiac and blood pressure monitoring, 24/365, for as long as needed.

  • Simple to use, the non-invasive wearable device is worn on the wrist like a regular watch.

  • Revolutionary combination of traditional ECG monitoring and state-of-the-art PPG technology. The continuous monitoring works to detect heart arrhythmias which may lead to stroke or cardiac arrest, in time for such an event to be prevented.

  • The CardiacSense watch is currently in the advanced stages of FDA and CE certification.



  • Company Status: Private

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  • Field: Health, Wellness

  • WellBe Artificial Intelligence algorithms agnostic to hardware calculate HRV based on raw heart rate data received from any hardware and provides tools to understand the context of, prevent, relieve and manage stress/calmness and collect Big Data.

  • WellBe is the 21st century solution for Wellbeing and stress management: Simple, Affordable and Mindful.

  • WellBe software algorithms and apps can be integrated with third party wrist bands and smart watches.



  • Company Status: Private

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  • Field: Personal Health, Wearables, Big data

  • DarioHealth is a leading global digital health company serving its users with dynamic mobile health solutions.

  • DarioHealth employs a revolutionary approach whereby harnessing big data, we have developed unique ways for people to analyze and personalize their chronic disease management.

  • DarioHealth deploys wearables that provide continuous data and personalized treatment, using adapted data & AI/ML technology  and spans the full spectrum of disease monitoring, management, populations, and engagement.



  • Company Status: Private

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  • Field: Natural substances, Health, Wellness

  • Ilan Bio an agro-biotechnology company is in the forefront of large-scale in vitro plant propagation cloning technologies.

  • The company developed a highly efficient system for the establishment, multiplication and acclimatization of uniform, disease-free elite tissue culture plants and an innovative biologically controlled micro propagation system in liquid bioreactor cultures.

  • Ilan Bio maintains a world-wide advanced biotechnology laboratory, which is based on a novel liquid system in bioreactor cultures.


The Pure Brazilian Company S.L

  • Company Status: Private

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  • Field: Natural food supplements, Health, Wellness

  • Pure Brazilian, led by a blue chip, has a globally recognized management team, and is the leading producer and processor of raw, artisanal, cold pressured coconut water in Brazil.

  • Pure Brazilian Coconut Water brand is the #1 US seller in the niche, premium, always cold High Pressure Processed (i.e. ‘not thermally pasteurized’) coconut water category.



  • Company Status: Private

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  • Field: Health, Wellness, Food, Natural substances

  • CuraLife is a global wellbeing company formed to help people in the fight against chronic illness with the aim of creating a healthier future and a better life.

  • Curalife has developed a range of natural supplements based  on ayurvedic principles with science based research that help the body manage and respond to the debilitating impact of chronic health conditions.



  • Company Status: Private

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  • Field: Medical supplements, Personal Health, Wellness

  • Technology:  A patented and scientifically proven Lysulin based supplement to lower blood glucose and glycated proteins to support the Health of people with Type 2 diabetes, prediabetes and those at risk of developing diabetes


Fisher Wallace Labs

  • Company Status: Private

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  • Field: Personal Health, Non Prescription Based Solutions for Depression / Anxiety

  • Fisher Wallace Labs, a non-prescription based brain simulation platform for mood and sleep disorders, stress management, and depression / anxiety remediation. Scientifically proven and patented technology around Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES). Fully 510k approved.