Our Strategy

  • Multi-Strategy Solutions:

    Supportive environments that combine, among other things, entrepreneurship and the establishment of innovation centers for production, operations, R&D, marketing, export, assistance in building strategy for realizing the potential, and more.

  • Innovation Centers:
    The strategy of Citrine Global's innovation centers focuses on a unique platform that includes production facilities; laboratories for quality assurance, research, development, and clinical trials; a logistics, distribution, import and export center; business development strategy services. Each innovation center is planned to focus on a technological field to create a supportive ecosystem and collaborations between companies, entrepreneurs, universities and partners from around the world.

  • Strong Group Backing:

    We are a powerhouse of experts, partners and market leaders in technology, healthcare, real estate, financing, banking, investment, and strategic development.


  • Key Target Markets:

    We target growth-stage technology industries focused on Health and Wellness assisting them to become global leaders and improving global quality of life.


  • Selection Criteria:

    We deliver a careful assessment of each technology and IP, management team, financial model, market strategy and growth potential, competition, and potential for strategic partnerships, mergers and investments.


  • Risk Mitigation:

    We select our partners after completion of due diligence and assessment of legal, financial, technological and business aspects; including equity/collateral secured loans, and assets/real estate securities in order to minimize risk.