Company Structure

Citrine Global Corp. provides solutions to companies from Israel, USA, Canada, Europe and around the world, through its subsidiaries, local teams and partners in each region.
First stage our activity is focused on Israel via Citrine Global Corp. 100%-owned-subsidiary.


Citrine Global, backed by a strong experienced group, is a meeting point of owner-partners with expertise in finance, investment, business development, technology, biotech, and real estate.



Citrine S A L

Citrine S A L is an Israeli Investment Group operating in various fields of technology and includes the following investment funds: 

  • Citrine S A L Biotech - Specializing in managing investment funds in the areas of Medical Devices and Digital Health, Medical Cannabis and Foodtech. 

  • Citrine S A L High-Tech - Specializing in partnerships in the areas of high-tech, cyber, media, hardware and software.

  • Citrine S A L is an investor and strategic partner of ICB – Israel China Biotech Fund.


Wealthstone Group

WealthStone Group specializes in Alternative Investments and operates in various fields with extensive financial knowledge and experience. WealthStone Group has Real-Estate, Technology and Hedge Funds and manages more than half a billion dollars in strategic development and investments in Israel.



Neto Financial Planning was founded over 27 years ago and is one of the largest companies in the Israeli private and business financial planning and insurance industry. Neto has thousands of loyal customers, which it has been accompanying for many years, providing financial advisory services to a market worth of over $3 billion.

פרל כהן.png

Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz

Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz international law firm and patent attorney operates in Israel and around the world and has an outstanding reputation for representing customers in global transactions involving high-tech & biotech deals, capital markets, IPOs, senior mergers, taxation, litigation and intellectual property. Pearl Cohen is a leading firm in the field of medical cannabis in Israel, involved in over 50% of the deals in the field.