Target Markets

Realizing the great potential of health, wellness, food tech, and medical cannabis emerging fields, Citrine Global took decision to focus on these industries, by empowering innovative companies to become global leaders and improve the health and quality of life of millions of people worldwide. 

Citrine Global Corp. as a truly global company with partners in Europe, Israel and USA was established to meet the funding gaps and regulatory challenges in these fields and provide a bridge to help portfolio companies realize their true market potential. Within these large industries, Citrine Global focuses on the main fast developing areas of digital and personalized health, wellness solutions, medical food and supplements and medical cannabis solutions. 

The Health and Wellness industry is growing consistently and rapidly on a global scale, consisting of over 10% of global GDP. 


The Healthcare industry, and specifically the Biotech sector, seek to solve many of the world’s medical problems.

The Wellness industry is defined as products and solutions that enable people incorporate wellness activities and lifestyles into their daily life.

The industry is divided into the following main categories of:

  • therapeutics,

  • pharmaceuticals,

  • biologics

  • and wellness.

Improvements in health technology and scientific breakthrough innovations are changing treatment paradigms towards directions of:

  • preventative,

  • diagnostic, and

  • holistic patient care.




The new well being agenda has spawned new market dynamics & new market challenges. Consumer
Engagement drives rapid market growth.


  • More connected

  • More data

  • Self-managed & motivated

  • Affordable & integrated

  • Proactive & preventative

  • Socially responsible

  • Influences from social and peer networks vs centralized systems

  • More empowered – self-change


  • Novel technologies 

  • New channels and business models

  • More affordable and use-based

  • Non – pharma /regulated

  • Affordable & Accessible

  • Natural & Sustainable

  • Self-administered, self-monitored

Hand Holding a Plant

Trends & Drivers » Investment Opportunities

Health and Wellness Industry Drivers/Trends turned into investment opportunities: 

  • Deregulation of healthcare industry 
    -->  Devolution from Hospitals-to-Clinics-to-Self


  • Technical Innovation driving change 
    -->  Consumerization; Digitization; Democratization of Wellbeing 


  • Increased Awareness of food, and nutrition 
    -->  New generation of functional and personalized foods


  • Cognitive health just as important as physical health 
    -->  Alternative remedies and improved awareness


  • Increased Lifespan place huge demands on current systems 
    -->  Anti-aging, lifestyle management, quality of life


  • New Consumers Preferences & Behavior 
    -->  Non-surgical, nonprescription, self-administered, Self-test


  • New business models and connected ways of making payments: 
    -->  Insurance coverage includes more wellbeing