Scientific/Technology Acceleration


Wouter de Heij is co-founder and CEO of food and beverage innovation company TOP BV that specialize in all-natural disruptive technologies around food and nutrition.


He has a large and leading  R&D centre in ‘Food Valley’ in The Netherlands. He is a renowned worldwide speaker  in  the domain  of Health and  Technology (“The Future of Food”). Wouter is also board member of  “GMV`:’ the sector association of manufacturers of machines for food processing and packaging in The Benelux.



He has many investments in early stage companies in the natural food and technology sector and has been a board member and co-partner in the incubator and accelerating organization BOX n.v. (previously know as Holland Food Ventures). Examples are OJAH b.v. (vegetarian chicken), Cool Wave Processing (PEF 2.0 pasteurization technology) and Pascal Group (the largest HPP tolling and production facility in the Benelux).


His most recent start-ups re around plant-based ‘clean meat’ and zero-carb bread and noodles.